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AC-PC line

The anterior commissure (AC) - posterior commissure (PC) line has been adopted as a convenient  standard by the neuroimaging community, and in most instances is the reference plane for axial imaging in everyday scanning. 

It is prescribed on midline sagittal images (figure 1), and is similar to the canthomeatal pitch used on CT (based on the scout image), although the AC-PC line is 9 degrees steeper than the canthomeatal pitch 2

It is strictly defined by Talairach as a line passing through superior edge of the anterior commissure (AC) and the inferior edge of the posterior commissure (PC) 1-2

An alternative and less commonly used description of thine proposed by Schaltenbrand draws the line trough the midpoint of both the anterior and posterior commissure, resulting in a slightly shallower angle 1,3

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