Hodgkin lymphoma


Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) is characterized pathologically by presence of Reed-Sternberg cells

Ann Arbor staging system for lymphomas:

  • Stage I: Single nodal region; IE single extralymphatic organ or site
  • Stage II: ≥ 2 node regions; IIE extralymphatic site plus node region on same side of diaphragm
  • Stage III: Nodes on both sides of diaphragm; IIIE plus extralymphatic site; IIIS plus spleen; IIIE(+)S both involved
  • Stage IV: Disseminated ≥ 1 extralymphatic tissues ± nodes, or isolated extralymphatic organ with distant nodes
  • Category A and B
    • Category A: No systemic symptoms
    • Category B: Fever, 10% weight loss or night sweats