The patient had right upper lobe wedge resection.


MACROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: "Right upper lobe wedge": A lung wedge resection 95x40x35mm. Sections show multiloculated subpleural blebs up to 25mm in maximal dimension. 

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Sections of lung show randomly dispersed areas of interstitial smooth muscle proliferation composed of bland spindle cells. Several cystically dilated air-spaces contain a similar smooth muscle proliferation within the cyst wall. A subpleural bulla is also present. There is no evidence of atypia or malignancy. Immunohistochemical results show spindle cells stain: SMA+, HMB45-, MelanA- and Synaptophysin-.

The histological features are those of lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Clinical and radiological correlation is recommended.

DIAGNOSIS: Right lung, upper lobe, wedge resection: Lymphangioleiomyomatosis.