Papillary thyroid carcinoma


FNA and further left hemithyroidectomy were performed.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Sections of thyroid gland show a 9mm papillary thyroid carcinoma composed of slit-like follicles and papillary structures. Scattered psammomatous microcalcifications are present. Tumor cells demonstrate nuclear enlargement with crowding and overlapping, intranuclear grooves and chromatin clearing. The ill-defined unencapsulated tumor infiltrates into adjacent fibroadipose tissue and extends to involve the inked posterior margin. No lymphovascular or perineural invasion is seen. The adjacent thyroid parenchyma appears unremarkable.

DIAGNOSIS: Thyroid gland, left hemithyroidectomy: Papillary thyroid carcinoma: - size: 9mm maximum dimension (microcarcinoma). - lymphovascular invasion: absent. - perineural invasion: absent. - extra-thyroidal tumor extension: present. - inked resections margins: tumor involves posterior margin.