Burkitt lymphoma HIV


The patient went on to have a core biopsy. 


MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Sections show multiple cores of tissue which shows a diffuse population of large atypical cells. The cells have large irregular nuclei with small nucleoli and a moderate amount of eosinophilic cytoplasm. The cell nuclei are irregular and folded. Mitotic figures are present. There is prominent apoptosis.


  • Immunohistochemistry shows cells stain:
    • positive with CD20, CD10, Bcl-6, c-myc and p53.
    • negative with Bcl-2, Cyclin- D1,MUM-1, CD23, CD5 andCD3.
  • Ki67 >95%.
  • EBER-CISH positive. EBV-LMP focal positive. HHV-8 and TdT negative.

DIAGNOSIS: Features support the diagnosis of a Burkitt Lymphoma.


Burkitt lymphoma is known to occur in patients who have had extended immunosuppression and thus was recognized early as one of the malignancies seen in HIV / AIDS.