This viva examination playlist has been designed primarily for those undertaking the viva component of the Royal College of Radiologists (UK) FRCR 2b examination. Its composition reflects the mixed nature of this examination. Those studying other fellowship examinations may find it equally useful in preparing themselves for examination with exposure to a wide range of pathology.

It may be used by a pair of candidates, with one acting as the examiner and one as the exam candidate. If you are playing the role of the examiner, you may wish to have the "examiner notes" page for this viva open on another device. This contains the list of histories, suggested questions and topics you may explore for each of the cases. The notes page also has discussion points and answers for you to reflect on after completing the viva. 

If you have queries you wish to provide feedback after use of these test examinations this is welcomed via email.

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Playlist information:

Number of slides in playlist:30
Playlist author:Dr Ian Bickle
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