eye conal/intraconal lesions

Playlist contributed by: ali labeeb alwan

S/S glioma and meningioma... slow progressive loss of vision. 

1-optic n. glioma.. ass.  with NF1

-<5 ys old

-kincking, buckling of optic nerve 

-widening of optoc canal, no hyperostosis.

-no calcification

-bright T2, patchy enhancement. 

-iris pigmentation (Lisch nodules)

2-optic n. meningioma.... ass. with NF2

-middle age female 

-straightening with eccentric thickening of optic n.

- bone hyperostosis,  optic canal widening in 10%.

-calcification is com. 

-linear band enhancement (tramtrack sign) 

-more dense on CT (than glioma) 

3-optic neuritis causes: MS, ischemia, vasculitis and Davic syndrome. 

4-capillary haemangioma

-grow befor 1y old and involute later. 

- no capsule... infiltrate conal and extraconal spaces. 

-90%ass. with cutaneous hemangioma. 

-MRI :darck T1,  bright T2+ curvilinear void signals(vessels) 

5-cavernous hemangioma 

-adult  women. 

-has true capsule. 

- MRI:similar to CSF+ flow void in the periphery of tumor. 



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