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Petrosquamous suture

Petrosquamous suture is a shallow bony fissure between the medial horizontal petrous part and lateral vertically oriented squamous part of the temporal bone. At times, this cranial suture may house a small emissary vein which can bleed at the time of surgeries.

Frontoethmoidal suture

The frontoethmoidal suture is a short cranial suture located in the anterior cranial fossa, between the orbital process of frontal and orbital plate of ethmoid bones. It forms part of the medial wall of the orbit. The anterior and posterior ethmoidal foramina are seen just superior to it, throu...

Petroclival suture

The petroclival suture is a short cranial suture between the medial tip of petrous temporal bone and the superolateral border of the clivus of the occipital bone. It is seen in continuation with the petro-occipital groove and the carotid canal is immediately anterior to this suture. It contains ...

Sphenoethmoidal suture

The sphenoethmoidal suture marks the osseous union between the crest of sphenoid bone and the perpendicular and cribiform plates of ethmoid bone.

Parietotemporal suture

The parietotemporal or parietomastoid suture represents the articulation between the parietal and temporal bones posteriorly. Anteriorly, they articulate at the squamosal suture. The parietotemporal suture is considered the most posterior continuation of squamosal suture and is at times interrup...

Sphenopetrosal suture

The sphenopetrosal suture is the cranial suture connecting the greater wing of sphenoid with the petrous part of the temporal bone in the middle cranial fossa. This fissure is located immediately posterior to the foramen ovale and forms part of the posterior wall of the foramen lacerum.

Lacrimal bone

The lacrimal bones are paired craniofacial bones forming anterior aspect of the medial orbital walls.  Gross anatomy The lacrimal bones have two surfaces and four borders. The lateral orbital surface is divided by a vertical posterior lacrimal crest with an anterior fossa for lacrimal sac and ...

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